Artist Gets Tortured Like an Animal to Raise Awareness for Animal Cosmetic Testing

As far as I was concerned, Animal Testing was a thing of the past. Apparently I was very wrong.
Recently, a young artist by the name of Jacqueline Traide was tortured like an animal in the window of Lush Cosmetics in the United Kingdom to protest against Cosmetic Animal Testing. In hopes of creating awareness of this issue, Lush Cosmetics teamed up with the Humane Society and created a 10 hour demonstration of how animals are treated in the Cosmetic Industry.
Look at the photos, watch the video, it’s absolutely horrifying. It looks like they took scenes from ‘The Human Centipede’, where a psychotic doctor tortures his patients, and displayed them to the public. So all I’m thinking is, why isn’t this illegal? Obviously, animal testing is frowned upon is therefore done behind closed doors so the public does not know about it. But with this ‘animal rights’ phase our generation seems to be going through, many companies have began labeling their products as “cruelty free” or “not tested on animals” to show their consumers that they believe in ‘animal rights’. However, after reading this article, I did a little research of my own, and found out that these companies are quite literally pulling the wool over our eyes.
Animal testing is not required for any cosmetic product, companies who use animal testing, are using it by choice. They’re using animals to test new ingredients to prove that their products are safe according to Cosmetic Regulations, not to test the actual product. So just because a product is labelled “not tested on animals” doesn’t actually mean that their products were not tested on animals. It simply means the “final product” was not tested on animals, not that no ingredients were tested on animals. If that’s not false advertising, I don’t know what is.
Now that I have been made aware of this disturbing situation, there’s going to be some extensive research going into my next cosmetic purchase.


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